See images from “Night of the Handgun” (season 3 episode 6)

 See images from “Country Guy Perils” (season 3 episode 4)

season 3, episode 2 See images from “Dancing Dangling Down” (season 3, episode 2)

season 3, episode 1 See images from “Thief of Eggs” (season 3, episode 1)

Images of Taboo Men

As a digital artist and a storyteller using visual arts, my skills and talents developed over the years since 2007. That depth of experience has made me known for creating highly appealing and credible male characters in a photorealistic style. My images are not actual photographs produced using a camera, but I make my characters appear to look as realistic as men do when they appear in photographs.

My creative visual work is available to you on demand to fulfill a variety of needs you may have. This service is intended for anyone who wants to buy taboo men and collect them for their own personalized fantasies. Think of this as an explicit personalized fantasy service.

I am now accepting commissions so you can buy taboo men in exciting taboo tales of fiction based upon your ideas and specifications. Learn more about this.

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