About “Taboo Truths and Tales” Podcast

The name of this podcast series is Taboo Truths and Tales. Why are these particular t-words all in the title? A fair question.

It’s because this podcast series deals with subject matter from American life considered to be taboo.

It’s because this podcast series deals with an individual’s perception of truths. And, it’s because this podcast series deals with storytelling tales of fiction told by an individual. You need to choose for yourself what you perceive to be truths versus tales because often in American life today the distinction between the two is not immediately clear to everyone.

This podcast series is marked explicit. What that means: You should not visit this website or listen to these podcasts if you happen to be under the age of 18 or if someone under the legal age is listening there with you.

The word explicit is meant to alert you clearly in advance that the words and the subject matter presented in this podcast series are intended for adults who have reached legal age.

“Taboo Truths and Tales” is hosted by Madeira Desouza, a gay male Las Vegas artist and storyteller. Some of you may know him by his nickname of Woody. Some of the podcasts in this series appear elsewhere online and they have been updated and remixed before being collected here since they belong within the taboo tag dealing with society and culture in American life.

This podcast series is called TABOO TRUTHS AND TALES and it’s made in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is not related to or connected with taboo tales podcast.

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